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 Kinder Spanish is an  "ON THE GO" program that offers a comprehensive curriculum to help children learn the Spanish language at Preschool and Elementary School.


At no other point in our lives are we as eager and capable of learning than during the ages of 3-10.


Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, therefore it is a valuable skill to learn.

Once children start to learn Spanish, the benefits of learning a second language are amazing and it will last a lifetime. Here are a few notable benefits.

  • A bilingual brain is a more powerful brain

  • Languages are highly valued in the workplace

  • Build bigger and richer vocabulary

  • Bilingual children have an academic edge

  • Better and more advanced reading skills

  • Cultural connections

Learning Spanish could therefore have a positive impact on your child's performance in all subjects at school and in life.


Having your child learn Spanish will open doors for them both socially and in the future career opportunities.

Age Matters

We give the least amount of instruction when children are at the best age to learn early childhood and saturate them when they are at one of the most difficult periods to learn languages high school.


We look at young children general needs, language acquisition steps, and communicative interests to develop easy immersion techniques and materials. Also, since I believe that the key to successful language acquisition in the young child is the partnership between teacher and child.

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